Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals


O&G and Petrochemical sectors are core business fields for SB SETEC.

Oil & Gas Extraction Companies, Refineries and Petrochemical Plants work in synergy and in proximity in the area where SB SETEC has its headquarters. Such strategic location has given SB SETEC the chance to take part in many different projects (from ordinary maintenance to big investments), making the Company ready to move to other regions of Italy and also to operate abroad.

Our main Clients are in the downstream sector (refining and petrochemical) but we also work in partnership for some upstream projects (HC extraction) and abroad.

O&G plants are usually characterized by a mix of different technologies and require often to deal with different targets related to process, environment, safe works on operating plants and stringent schedules. This characteristic allows our Company to operate at the its best, placing all the technical competences which are necessary to successfully complete the projects. In such an environment multidisciplinary competences are highly effective and give the chance to easily deal with possible project changes.

Examples of projects that SB SETEC is asked to develop are related to existing plants maintenance or modifications (often due to the need of increasing their capacity or complying with new environmental requirements). Any of this kind of intervention always requires a fast and effective response, hence a good planning & scheduling of the operations is necessary to avoid lost production. For challenging maintenance interventions (which can have very stringent schedules or several contractors to be managed) SB SETEC has a specific team and a very wide experience, especially in Turnaround planning, scheduling and supervision.

Refineries are requesting an increasing flexibility during the decades since the crude market evolves, and sulfur, viscosity, salt or cleanliness of feedstock are becoming main factors for plants changes. SB SETEC (as EPC contractor or technical consultant for feasibility studies) can also develop projects for new investments, refining processes adequacy, expansion of existing plants or development of new plants in greenfield sites.