Building a new power plant or revamping an existing one to comply with environmental regulations or to meet the increasing power demand are averagely the services required by this sector. This is often related to change of fuels, emissions reductions or development of near industrial plant/urban areas.

Many big refineries have their own auxiliary power plant to supply critical units and face possible external black outs (but they also need energy from an external grid). Some of the biggest European refineries are Clients of SB SETEC, thus we developed all the required skills to meet Clients’ request in term of power generation and supply.

Depending by the technology and the fuel which is fired in the plant, emissions abatement systems can cover an important role in the design activities and in the authorization procedure.

Power can be generated through steam cycle or turbo gas plants.

Steam cycle power plants can be oil or biomass or coal fired, and depending by these fuels the combustion chamber, the burners and many part of the system change.

Some plants use gasification processes and integrate their cycle with the production and use of heat and steam. These kind of plants are known as Integrated Gasification Combined Cycles (IGCC) and they operate a turbo gas cycle using the syngas generated by the gasification of liquid or solid fuels. IGCC plants use the heat of the exhaust gas to generate high pressure steam to be used by a steam turbine in another cycle. The experience of SB SETEC in managing waste heat to produce steam for refinery purposes or for heat integration of existing plants have been beneficial in moving to these kind of technologies.

Some other services related to power generation have been the design of emissions reduction systems, like Low-NOx Burners, EPS, systems for the control of the combustion temperature etc.