In such a challenging century, where reducing CO2 emissions is one of the focal point of the technology development of industrial plants, SB SETEC plays its role providing a range of services which go from feasibility studies, authorization procedures, to EPC projects for biofuels production plants (i.e. biogas/biomethane, bioethanol and biodiesel), biomass fired power plants, wind farms and solar parks.

SB SETEC first works has been related to the handling and preparation of renewable fuels (biodiesel and bioethanol) which have to be standardized and blended with fossil equivalents into refineries. Our Company has recently took part in the detailed design of the conversion to biorefinery of the Gela Oil Refinery.

At the same time, since the first economic incentives for the production of renewable energy have been issued by the Italian Government, SB SETEC has started to build partnerships to supply with technical assistance those companies and clients which are interested in producing biogas in the field of agricultural and food industry. Our experience in rotary equipment, critical materials for corrosive fluids, instrumentation, ATEX, automation, firefighting and gas upgrade/clean-up, is suitable to lighten the development of biomethane plants.

Recovering energy from urban waste is one of the targets which any municipality has to reach. Our structure includes the Civil and Environmental departments which can help Clients to integrate their waste management system and water treatment plants with dedicated biogas-biomethane production units. SB SETEC Process Department can also help owners of existing plants to remove bottlenecks in biomass power plants (such as municipal waste incinerator, or  wood chip fired PP etc.) which can be related to corrosion phenomena, dust handling, odors and emissions abatement, temperatures control and waste heat utilization.